Research article


Saif A. Muhson and Baraa Qassim Dawood

Online First: January 28, 2023

The present study aimed to study ovarian follicles growth and the degezative of the ovarian follicles in the Iraqi Black goat. eight ovaries collected from the different part of Iraqi market.for the histological process all the samples fixed in neutral buffer formalin 10%. The Histological section were prepared by using parafin section with rotary microtome & thickness 5mm while staining procedure Hematoxyline and eosin stain, to determine and detect histological structure of the cortex & medulla and classified the follicles type in the ovarian mass. Histological result showed cortex layer of ovary outer surface tunica albuginea, connective tissue covering the outer surface of the ovary in the cortex layer contains different type of follicles of various stage of follicles developments primordial contain a single layer of oocyte surrounded by single layer of the granulosa cell . primary follicles surrounded by a single layer of the granulosa cell. Secondary follicles characterized by present two or more layers of granulosa cell . Antral follicles filles with follicular fluid in the antral cavity. Antrum very large and clear in graffian follicles. Medulla appears & lined by loose connective tissue and different type of blood vessels. The mean thickness of the cortex 189.512±1.15mm and medulla 94.21±1.21 mm, the diameters of Primordial 63.865±2.02mm,primary 86.21±2.03mm, secondary 166.22±11.2mm and graffian 488.22±11.2mm. Atretic follicles in goat characterized by universal phenomenon process by degenerative morphological changes in granulosa cell & theca cells incarrent study classified the atretic follicles into three types (aninitial atresia, cystic atretic, obliterated atretic) with luteinization of the granulosa cells. Conclusion: The Result of this study referring to the histological structure of the ovary in the female genital system of goat.The atretic follicles were almost identical and these were characterized by presence of antrum and the granulosa cell notice droped and separated from each other into the antrum according to the type of atretic follicles.


Goat, Ovary, Follicles growth, Atretic follicles