Research article


Anil Kumar1, Amit Kumar Singh2*, Sanjay Kumar3, Sandeep Kumar4, Upali Kisku5, Brijpal Singh Rajawat6, Neeraj Kumar Kushwaha7

Online First: May 10, 2023

The richness of various varieties of trees in an agro-ecosystem supports a wide variety of flora and fauna in that area. However, the more diversity, indicates the potential of site quality and ecosystem stability, the more it may lead to competition for available resources that result in the alteration of physico-chemical dynamics of soil of that particular area. In this study, a field survey was performed during 2022-2023 in Kerakat, Dobhi, Dharmapur, Jalalpur, Muftiganj, Sirkoni and Shahganj blocks of Jaunpur district (Uttar Pradesh) to understand the density of different trees, composition, species richness and structure of agroforestry on farmer’s land, their growing pattern and agroforestry practices followed by the farmers of the selected blocks. A sample of 20% villages from each block was selected randomly for a composite representation of whole block is considered for this survey. The different aspect of surveyed trees in selected village and the total number of trees, crops, land use patterns, species count and number enumerated in a hectare land. It was observed that farmers had adopted block plantations, agrihorticulture, silvipasture, bund plantation, scattered trees, and home gardens. The major tree species existing bund plantation on farmer field in Jaunpur districts are Tectona grandis, Eucalyptus tereticornis, Azadirachta indica, Mangifera indica, Dalbergia sissoo, Derris indica, Emblica officinalis, Madhuca longifolia, Terminalia arjuna and Acacia nilotica. The contribution of these tree species varied from 0.15 to 22.6 per cent in the total tree population in top ten tree species. The tree density recorded in different block (Kerakat, Dobhi, Dharmapur, Jalalpur, Muftiganj, Sirkoni and Shahganj blocks of Jaunpur district (Uttar Pradesh)) varied from 11.54-21.86 trees ha-1. Tree population and composition varied in different blocks in the same district.


Agroforestry system, tree species, climate change, plantation pattern