Research article


Telmo Zambrano (1); MD, Raigón Jiménez (2); Carolina Herrera(³); Paúl Pino (⁴) and Efraín Romero(5)

Online First: May 10, 2023

Food is not only failing to fulfill its purpose of nourishing and, therefore, of generating health, but also, from more and more broad scientific sectors, it has begun to denounce that food as the cause of modern degenerative diseases (obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc.). In addition to the healthy nutrition, there are an increasing sensitivity of public opinion to the negative consequences of agricultural activity on the environment, so that the production of quality food, through respectful techniques is the alternative to obtain food for a sustainable future. Food based on agroecological products, much healthier and with less environmental impact, is an alternative to conventional (industry or chemical) food. The bromatological value of food is variable and depends on different factors, including production techniques. In addition, the different methods and products used in the post-harvest and processing can be important and decisive in the composition and final quality of the food. The comparative results show that the nutraceutical quality of organic food is greater, providing nutrients and bioactive substances in sufficient quantities and making a nutritional contribution according to compensated foods in their right quality.


nutrients, food, agroecology, vitamins, minerals, antioxidant.