Research article


1Ing. Heidy Elizabeth Vergara Zurita, 2Lcda. Paulina Alexandra Paula Alarcón, 3Lcdo. Sebastián Eduardo Vallejo Medrano

Online First: April 25, 2023

The objective of this work is the conservation by modern digital means of the architectural firsts located in the city of Riobamba, an interactive photographic repository was designed in which 360° aerial shots were used. A mixed methodology was used, both qualitative and quantitative, employing methods such as documentary, descriptive, population and survey techniques, interview and observation sheets, investigating the first fruits for their historical relevance and social impact, subsequently, a buyer persona was developed to determine the user who occupied the repository, official data and information from government entities was sought with the use of the interview, The data obtained were analyzed in order to facilitate the photographic taking and move on to the creative phase, formulating guiding ideas that gave feasible solutions in the design of the proposal. With what was learned in the experimentation, the final design was started, the photographs went through a process of digital development, colorization and digital stitching; In addition, a third process of composition - punctual edition, all equirectangular shots were transferred to the panoraven platform, facilitating the creation of the repository with a contribution of interactivity, a hotspot tour and informative texts were used with the option of infospot, to reinforce the interactivity a map was added so that people know the location of the scoops and a gyroscope to create a better experience on the cell phone and adaptability on various platforms. These processes resulted in an interactive digital photographic repository of easy access, dissemination, functional and with the logo "Riobamba city of the first fruits" this identifying resource of the city was preserved, finally it can be concluded that the use of new technologies is essential to reach new generations, being essential that government entities invest in these cultural resources, which enhance tourism and consequently activate the economy of the city of Riobamba.


Primicias, Riobamba, Equirectangular, Photography, Repository, Digital, Interactive, Aerial Photo, Aerial Photo, Buyer Person.