Research article


1 Heidy Elizabeth Vergara Zurita, 2Marcelo Rodrigo Poma Velastegui

Online First: April 25, 2023

The application of new technologies brings transcendental changes in e-commerce and communications, the lack of a methodological study and its application based on the principles of design according to the user experience and interface, obtaining few attractive and functional resources; therefore the objective of this study was to analyze the use of a UX/UI methodology in the e-commerce website of Almacenes Juan Eljuri. The research approach is documentary that helped the review of the state of the art, quali-quantitative in the stage of compliance analysis according to parameters of interaction, usability and functionality. The methodology created by Rodrigo Ronda León was used, which consists of four stages: research, organization, design and testing; which allowed the design of the analysis sheets applied to the home page, commercial line and shopping cart of the e-commerce site in the parameters of evaluation, usability and functionality, the heuristic evaluation sheets, of compliance with the UX / UI methodology, in turn the comparison was made with the design team of the Warehouse who designed the website. The aspects that were analyzed to demonstrate that there is a relationship between following a methodological process for the creation of a website containing UX/UI design elements and its impact reflected in the levels of functionality were: the comparison between the methodology used by the design team of Almacenes Juan Eljuri when creating the website and the methodology according to Rodrigo Ronda León, adding the heuristic principles of Jakob Nielsen to analyze both the website and the user, the same that allowed the evidence of 70% compliance with the parameters of analysis. Finally, it is concluded that the elements that constitute the UX/UI design work as a solid structure for the generation of engagement or user attraction, thus positioning the website in search engines as an SEO outreach strategy and the need for a methodology based on these principles.


UX Design, UI Design, Methodology, Graphic Design, E-commerce, interaction, usability, heuristic principles.