Research article

NUTRITIONAL COMPOSITION OF CUBA OM-22 HYBRID GRASS (Pennisetum purpureum Schumach x Pennisetum glaucum L.) AT THREE CUTTING AGES

Gina Morocho Guanuquiza1, Santiago Jimenez-Yanez2, Patricio Guevara Costales2, Pablo Ernesto Arias3, Fabián Reyes-Silva2

Online First: April 25, 2023

At INIAP's Central Experimental Station of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the nutritional composition of the forage Pennisetum purpureum Schumach x Pennisetum glaucum L was evaluated. (Cuba OM-22) at different cut-off ages (30, 45 and 60 days). It was availableo 12 plots of 6m2 each of approximately six months of establishment, was used a diseño de bloques comtamente al a zar (DBCA) with three treatments and four repetitions, the variables were subjected to a analysis of variance, the means were evaluated with Tukey's test at 0.05%, in addition a regression and correlation analysis was performed. Allthe variables studied except dry matter and acid detergent lignin presented significant and highly significant differences; at 30 days of cut-off, the highest nutritional values were found, ash (19.04%), ethereal extract (2.84%), protein (14.20%), FDA (34.67%) and FDN (56.29%). It is concluded that in the forage Cuba OM-22, at 30 days of cutting age presents the highest nutritional values, however, it is considered necessary an adequate management of the crop to guarantee the agronomic development and the persistence of the crop.


Forage potential, Cutting age, Nutritional variables, Bromatological analysis.