Research article


Sofía Carolina Godoy Ponce., Ivan Fernando Huacho Chávez., Mishell Carolina Moreno Samaniego., Luis Santiago Carrera Almendáriz., Ana Gabriela Flores-Huilcapi., Linda Mariuxi Flores Fiallos.

Online First: April 25, 2023

A documentary review was carried out on the production and publication of research papers related to the study of the variables Carbon Nanomaterials, Water Purification. The purpose of the bibliometric analysis proposed in this document was to know the main characteristics of the volume of publications registered in the Scopus database during the period 201 7-2022 and to identify the current situation in Ecuadorian institutions with respect to the study of the aforementioned variables, achieving the identification of 333 Publications in total. The information provided by this platform was organized through graphs and figures categorizing the information by the Year of Publication, Country of Origin, Area of Knowledge and Type of Publication. Once these characteristics have been described, the position of different authors on the proposed theme is referenced through a qualitative analysis. Among the main findings made through this research, it is found that China with 105 publications, was the country with the highest scientific production registered on behalf of authors affiliated with institutions of dichto nation. The Area of Knowledge that made the greatest contribution to the construction of bibliographic material referring to the study of Carbon Nanomaterials and Water Purification was Environmental Sciences with 152 published documents, and the Type of Publication that was most used during the period indicated above was the Journal Article that represents 44% of the total scientific production.


Carbon Nanomaterials, Water Purification.