Research article


Carolina Giselle Herrera Egüez¹* Telmo Marcelo Zambrano Núñez; Paúl Roberto Pino Falconí; Efraín Rodrigo Romero Machado

Online First: April 25, 2023

Trompe l'oeil is a technique used in art that attempts to deceive the viewer's eye by playing with the environment and perspective. This skill, present in painting and sculpture, is widespread in the visual arts. However, in recent years it has taken root in gastronomy and the theatrical environment that more and more chefs and gastronomic professionals represent in the menu of their restaurants. The present research sought to disseminate the origin of the technique, as well as the most recent works in the gastronomic world with the aim of expanding its use and improving the consumption experience in food and beverage establishments. The method used in this research was the descriptive literature review, providing an update on the artistic concept in a constantly evolving environment. The results of the research showed that trompe l'oeil is predominantly used in the cuisine of the sweet world, without neglecting the possibility of applying it in dishes of the salt world. In addition, the trompe l'oeil technique requires the skill of the chefs as it is the only way to achieve success.


trompe-l'oeil; technical art; perspective; gastronomy; plating