Research article


Paulina Elizabeth Valverde Aguirre, Marlene Jacqueline García Veloz, María José Mendoza Salazar, Sonia Mercedes Vallejo Abarca, Daniela Tatiana Castañeda Ortiz, Andrea Alejandra Cevallos Valverde

Online First: April 25, 2023

Charcoal char is a fine residue of coal, which has no commercial value. This charcoal can be used to convert it into a type of charcoal, called briquettes. These have the same function as traditional charcoal, however, due to their composition and elaboration process by which a product of equal size and weight is obtained in each type of briquette "compact charcoal", they have the capacity to maintain a more homogeneous temperature compared to traditional charcoal, which due to its irregular sizes tends to vary in its temperature and duration time. Based on this problem, an enterprise called "Golden Fire" has been created to start a production line of charcoal briquettes, with quality studies, business model and proposal of a functional production chain. In order to guarantee the quality of the product, different tests and laboratory analyses have been carried out, all of this so that the quality of the final product is as expected and guarantees a position in the national market, at a price convenient for the average consumer. Through the financial study it was determined that the suggested price of the product will be $3.50 per 3kg of briquettes, in order to have a chance of success in the domestic market.


Sexual rights, reproductive rights, educational program