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Anjulee Pariyar, Dr. Swapna H R, Nitu Kaur

Online First: April 14, 2023

People are having a lot of difficulties right now in the medical field, both financially and psychologically particularly when waiting in line for appointments with a doctor, which causes hospitals to be quite busy. We came up with the novel idea of an online appointment booking platform to address this issue. Patients may now book an appointment online. Easy Book App is a web-based mobile application created for hospital organizations to manage the appointment-booking procedure. Our app works by giving patients the freedom to select their appointment times depending on the times that are most convenient for them. Also, it sends them a message or alert to be ready before two slots in the line to see a doctor, reducing patient wait times. Options to reschedule and cancel appointments are offered to this patient as well. Options to reschedule and cancel the appointment are offered to this patient in addition at any moment. On the other side, doctors utilize our app to view patient information and the number of people waiting in line. The best features of our software include showing users the closest hospitals and clinics in their area. Also, it provides real-time updates so that he or she may keep track of their slot number. In other words, our solution improves the ecology between medical professionals and patients so that they may converse more effectively and conveniently. This application can transform difficult appointment procedures, allowing them to operate more successfully, efficiently, and financially.


Appointment, online booking, mobile application, medical, session, slot number.