Research article


Firas Ahmed Mahmood

Online First: April 14, 2023

The object of the study was to investigate the impact of using various types of culture media from Rodwell park memorial institute (RPMI-1640), SMART (simple medium for assisted reproduction medium). After three days of cryopreservation, the rams' semen parameters were compared with those of Tris diluted. Three Awassi rams' semen was collected using an artificial vagina, and the samples were examined before being diluted with Tris diluent and culture media. The samples were placed at 4̊C for 1 hour, then they were examined, as The motility, plasma membrane integrity, dead, and abnormality of sperm were evaluated. The results of this study showed that the use of SMATR, RPMI-1640, and Tris extender on parameters of the sperm of rams stored in cooling for one hour showed nonsignificant differences (P>0.05) in all sperm parameters. Except for the percentage of sperm abnormalities, which showed a significant increase (P>0.05) when using the Tris reducer. For a period of 1,2 and 3 days, there was a significant increase (P>0.05) using SMART culture media, RPMI-1640, in comparison with the use of Tris reducer of the result of mass activity, individual and active motility, and the HOST test. Whereas the percentage of abnormality and mortality of sperm showed a significant decrease (P>0.05) compared to Tris reducer in the results of each of the percentages of the abnormality and mortality of sperm. On the other hand, there were no significant differences (P>0.05) between the treatments in the percentage of inactive motility. Finally, the results indicate the possibility of using SMART, RPMI-1640 culture media as semen diluents for ram's semen during chilling storage.


culture media, SMART, RPMI-1640, ram sperm