Research article


Ashna Othman Mohammad1 and Taha Jalal Omar Zrary2

Online First: April 14, 2023

A laboratory experiment was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of the same plant extracts against seed-borne fungi isolated from wheat. Leaf extracts of three plants(Thyme, Castor, Mint) , the highest in the habitation of 75% castor (52.5)mm colony diameter comparison with anther treatments Leaf extract of castor 0.75% caused the highest inhibition of mycelial growth of Rhizoctonia solani ( 46.38) %, while the lowest inhibition 2.08%) of mycelial growth was measured at 0.25 leaf extract of thyme, 0.50% of castor and ( 0.50 , 0. of mint as compared to control. effect of plant extracts on seedlings in the greenhouse They had a significant effect between treatments comparison with the positive control the , highest number of post-emergence damping off recorded of fungi Arthriniumarundinswas1.25 and lowest number of post-emergence damping off represented of all treatments by plant extracts ( thyme, castor, mint ) was (0 )and fungicides (Pristinetm WG).highest degree of diseases severity was 7.75 comparisons with another treatment of castor plant extract they had lowest inhabitation of fungi curvularia sp the lowest degree of diseases severity of fungi Arthrinium arundins , Aurobasidium pullulans and Alternaria aalternata was 1.25 in mint plant extract and fungicides respectively. The highest percentage of seed germination in the pots treated with the thyme plant extract had the fungicide 100 % and recorded the lowest percentage of seed germination the mint plant extract treated at 55%. The maximum shoot length and root were obtained in castor 24.87cm shoot length in treatment inoculated by Rhizoctonia solani root length treatment 14.50cm in the negative control treatment minimum shoot length castor treatment 14.87 cm in castor inoculated by Curvulariasp and root length 7.37 cm in mint treated was inoculated by Aurobasidiumpullulansand in positive control, treatment was inoculated by AurobasidiumpullulansandNigrosporasphaerica. the high fresh weight of PristinetmWG) 1.40 gm inoculated by Curvulariaspand root weight 0.33 gm inPristinetm WG) treated inoculated by Fusarium solani and low weight of length 0.79gm of mint treated, inoculated by Alternaria alternata and root weight 0.02 gm in thyme treated inoculated by Fusarium solani.


Antifungal activity, plant extracts; seed treatment, biocontrol agents seed borne fungi.