Research article


Shatha Q. AL Tamimi

Online First: March 24, 2023

Prostate cancer is one of the more popular types of cancer, in elderly men, and MMP-9 participates in the progression and invasion of the tumor by their potential to destroy the extracellular matrix of the tissue and then facilitated a migration of cancer cells to form primarily to the secondary tumor. The current study aimed to estimate the MMP9 expression at serum and tissue between controls and patients of prostate cancer, due to the role of proteolysis enzyme such MMP9 in the progression of prostate cancer, to investigate whether there are differences in the levels of circulating immune reactive proteins of MMP-9 complex with Prostate cancer. The method: we used about 100 serum samples by Enzyme-linked assay and 60 samples of embedded tissue by Immunohistochemistry staining (IHCS). Results: The results showed that there is a significant variation between patients and control samples in serum and tissue with a significant value <0.05%. Conclusion: there is an increased expression of MMP9 in the serum and tissue of human prostate cancer.


Prostate cancer, MMP9, Immunohistochemistry, Enzyme-linked assay.