Research article


Suresh Anand.M1*, Brindha.D2, A.Kumaresan3, Ishwarya M.V 4, Hemavathi5, Rajesh Kanna6, S.Geerthik7

Online First: January 11, 2023

By observing and analysing patterns based on a person's facial features, biometric advancements known as face recognition can identify or verify a person. Despite the fact that interest in specialised areas of use is growing, face recognition is still primarily used for well-being. Overall, face popularity innovations are well worth taking into account because they have the potential for massive prison jurisdiction and unique business applications. The main goal of this project is to train a machine with different hybrid algorithms to identify gender based on the provided data. In the end, we programme the machine to determine the age based on the images and to define gender and age using hybrid algorithms. [1]. The problem of face recognition is still very challenging and complex. This issue shares a great deal with other private issues. Face recognition uses biometric advancements that can see or validate a person by viewing and looking into designs based on the shape of the person. Despite the growing interest in other applications, face recognition is still primarily used for well-being. Overall, face recognition advancements are important to consider because they may lead to significant legal implications and unique business opportunities. [2].


Face recognition, Biometric improvements, Gender Based, Hybrid algorithms.