Research article


Ashish Dhingra, Prof. Sunil Joshi

Online First: March 14, 2023

This study has been undertaken to evaluate the performance of the Indian Mutual Funds vis-à-vis the Indian stock market. For the purpose of this study, 21 open ended equity based growth mutual funds were selected as the sample. The data, which is the weekly NAV’s of the funds and the closing of the BSE Sensex, were collected for a period of 4 years starting 2017 to 2020. Different statistical tools were used on the data obtained to get the average returns, absolute returns, standard deviation, Fund Beta, R-squared value, residual value, Relative Performance Index were calculated. These variables of the funds were compared with the same variables of the market to assess how the different funds have performed against the market. A Statistical test, Mann Whitney U-Test, was done on the returns of the fund with respect to the Sensex returns. Another U-Test was done taking absolute return as the variable. These U- Test were done to test the hypothesis which was that the fund returns over the period of time are similar to the market returns over the period of time.