Research article


Kamal Narayan Kamlesh, Dr Kumar Vishal

Online First: February 15, 2023

Machine learning can be used in a variety of fields, including healthcare. Medical facilities should be much more advanced in order to provide the best possible treatment to patients. Additionally, a number of machine learning algorithms have been selected and implemented to achieve the best results for instance, Random Forest, Decision Tree Classifier, and K-Nearest Neighbour algorithms, among others. A high increase in patient satisfaction can be achieved by implementing machine learning in healthcare. An integrated health care system can be designed by integrating machine learning functions. If certain machine learning algorithms can be used to predict the disease beforehand instead of directly treating the patient, the entire treatment process will be much more efficient. The possibility of diseases being overlooked or not being detected early also exists. Predicting the patient's disease before starting treatment is therefore extremely important. Since prevention is better than cure, correctly predicting disease could lead to early detection and prevention.


Healthcare, Logistic Regression and K-Nearest Neighbour.