Research article


Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar, Dr. Nitin Kumar

Online First: February 15, 2023

Physical health and mental well-being are the very basis of all human endeavours. Technology has made possible things that were once considered impossible to the common man. At the same time, a plethora of new problems has raised their ugly head, which threatens the very existence of humans and this planet. Ancient Indian knowledge straddles the two realms of the physical and the spiritual, which gives it an edge in tackling even those problems that are still beyond the grasp of modern science. The research conducted by India’s ancient Rushis established long ago that benevolent cosmic energy is ever present to help all creatures. Humans should develop the ability to tap into it by strengthening their subtle body, which surrounds the physical body. The Chakras and the Nadis of the subtle body perform functions similar to that of the various organs of the physical body. But, going beyond the physical level, they harness the life-sustaining energies that actually nourish the physical body so that it survives and prospers. The right techniques if followed diligently have the power to not only heal the body, but also to progress in the most unimaginable manner by riding the power of cosmic energy.


Physical body, subtle body, cosmic consciousness, energy, Chakra, Nadi, Tatva, healing, awareness