Research article


Mr. Yogesh Chandorkar, Dr. Nitin Kumar

Online First: February 15, 2023

Health and happiness are the very raison d’être of all human endeavors, which in turn enable success in other pursuits. While modern science has played a commendable role in reining in various contagious and accident-based ailments, modern lifestyle has opened the floodgates for myriad lifestyle disorders. Ways of preventing the same as well as lasting solutions in treating them are large to be found in the ancient practices, which are today either labeled as alternative medicines or superstitions. These range from Ayurved, Homeopathy, ancient Chinese medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, and Yogasanas to meditation at various levels under Ashtang Yog, sound vibrations via Mantras, connecting with the elements in nature, reiki, prayer and practices that impact the subtle through the physical. Humans and all other beings are made up of the five basic elements in nature, a fact which is vouched by modern science and which has been stated ages ago in the ancient holistic sciences. The latter also rightly added the important subtle energy dimension to the same, which is slowly finding acceptance in modern research as well. While the methods of working on the all-pervading subtle energy that sustains all beings may vary, the end objective of tapping into the very source of our existence is to ensure holistic and lasting health and is perhaps the only sustainable method of achieving and maintaining the well-being of the individual, the society and the planet.


Shaastras, Panchtatvas, Panchmahabhutas, elements, consciousness, cosmic, energy, health, balance, Tridosh, healing