Research article


Prof. (Dr.) B.K. Sarkar, Prof. (Dr.) Reena Singh, Rohit Kumar

Online First: December 22, 2022

Our Research “Ceramsite Production Using Dredging Sea Mud Formation Capacity Evaluation” is a Digging ocean mud created during the beach front foundation development has been bit by bit turning into a natural issue in China. Making ceramsite is an alluring method for changing over the waste ocean mud to assets utilized for the vast majority modern areas. Notwithstanding, the imapct of preheating and sintering conditions on the ceramsite properties and the biofilm development limit of the ceramsite are still ineffectively perceived. This study expects to fill these information holes. Results recommended the ideal circumstances for the preheating temperature was 350°C, the preheating time was 15 min, the sintering temperature was 1040°C, and the sintering time was 9 min. The digging ocean mud-inferred ceramsite showed better biofilm arrangement limit with high COD and NH4+-N evacuation execution contrasted and the business ceramsites. The substance of the chloride particle in the ceramist granules is near nothing, and the minimal expense of this material, suggesting this digging ocean mud-determined ceramsite, could be a designing great material for involving it as a biocarrier in the genuine application.


Ceramsite, Production, Dredging, Sea, Mud, Formation, Capacity, Evaluation.