Research article


Nasriddin Nazarov

Online First: December 20, 2022

This article talks about the importance of the study of Turkish runology in the context of today's understanding of historical identity and its promising aspects. It is known that Turkish runology stands in the ranks of values as a reflection of real life in social processes as written examples of ancient Turkic culture. In today's changing mindset, it is important to develop self-awareness. For this purpose, it is important to improve the historical thinking and to improve the thinking of the society based on the views on the life, lifestyle, customs, traditions, and culture of the Turks who lived in the early Middle Ages, especially in the VI-VIII centuries. Aspects embodying the diachronic essence of today's Turkology as a connecting link in the chain of gradual development representing the mental image, customs and traditions of the ancient Turks, linguistic commonality, the proto-Turkish characteristic of the Turkic nations, and today's generality are researched.


Turkic runology, historical process, thought of Turkic peoples, written monuments of Orkhun-Enisei, ethnic formation, Turkic civilization.