Research article


P.M. Pulatova, Sh.M.Amirsaidova

Online First: December 10, 2022

The main goal of educating a new person is the comprehensive harmonious development of the personality, which is possible only on the basis of an integrated approach. An integrated approach to especially needy children of preschool age, students , primarily in the fact that all educational and educational and correctional influences are aimed at shaping his personality as a whole, are combined into a coherent single system that provides for the expansion of his horizons, the development of cognitive, labor and speech activity, education socially -moral qualities and personality traits, correction of existing intellectual insufficiency. Increased attention to the person, the growing role of the human factor in modern life increases the requirement for the quality of correctional and pedagogical work by students with intellectual disabilities, since the presence of an intellectual defect objectively complicates the process of their socialization, social and labor adaptation; but does not reduce the need to solve this humane task. The concept of social training and education of abnormal children, developed by defectologists of the Republic of Uzbekistan , emphasizes that training, education and correction of deficiencies in children with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities is carried out as in the process of educational work.