Research article


Hayam Hanafi Mahmoud1, Hanaa Ibrahim El Sayed2, Amira Abu Elkhyer Mohammed3, Linie Villorijo Arcibal4, Azza Anwar Aly5

Online First: December 30, 2022

Background: The current nursing shortage and the lack of willingness of young people to choose nursing as a profession is a major concern in many countries which was felt strongly during the recent pandemic. Therefore, it would be useful for the community to encourage the increase and upgrading of nursing. Aim: To assess knowledge, attitude and perceived factors of high school students regarding nursing profession in Makkah Region, KSA. Settings: This study was conducted at two secondary schools in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Sampling: A convenient sample of 348 students was represented in this study. The data was collected by online questionnaires. Results: This study revealed that there is a high statistical significance regarding the factors that prevent students from being a nurse mainly in the items nursing is not an encouraging or enjoyable job, the personality of the nurse requires obeying the orders of others p = (0.000, 0.002, respectively). In addition, the study found to a highly significant correlation between the student’s attitude and the sociodemographic characteristics mainly in items of the study year, and nationality at p = (0.000, 0.005 respectively). Furthermore, there was a negative correlation between the age and attitude level of students with a p-value 0.000. Conclusion: The majority of the studied sample had an average level of knowledge and had a negative attitude related to the nursing profession. There was no significant correlation between students` attitude and their level of knowledge. Female students are more interested in choosing the nursing profession than male students. Recommendation: Create awareness programs with a realistic picture of the nursing profession in order to develop an admirable image of nursing and manage the future shortage.


Attitude, Knowledge, High school students, Nursing profession, Perceived Factors