Research article


Oleg Sergeyevich Ablyalimov, Anna Nikolayevna Avdeyeva, Otabek Rustamovich Khamidov, Obidjan Tairdjanovich Kasimov

Online First: December 30, 2022

The work is devoted to the structural analysis of complex technical systems. Mechanical structures are the properties of which affect the behavior of products during assembly, repair and operation are considered. The main source of data on parts and mechanical connections between them is a hypergraph. This model formalizes a multidimensional basic relation. The hypergraph correctly describes the connectivity and mutual coordination of parts, which is achieved during the assembly of the product. When developing complex products in CAD systems, an engineer often makes serious design mistakes: the relocation of parts and inconsistent assembly operations. Effective ways of detecting these structural defects have been proposed. It is shown that the property of an independent assembly can be represented as a closure operator, the domain of which is the logical value of the set of parts of the product. The images of this operator are connected and coordinated subsets of parts that can be assembled independently. A lattice model is described, which is a space of states of the product during assembly, disassembly and decomposition into assembly units. The lattice model serves as a source of various structural information about the project. Numerical estimates of the power of a set of acceptable alternatives in the problems of choosing the sequence of assembly and decomposition into assembly units are proposed. For many technical operations (control, testing, etc.), it is necessary to mount all parts of the operand in one assembly unit. A simple formalization of the technical conditions requiring the inclusion (exclusion) of parts in the assembly unit (from the assembly unit) has been developed. A theorem that gives a mathematical description the scheme of decomposition of the product into assembly units in exact terms of the lattice is given. A method of numerical evaluation of the reliability of the mechanical structure of a complex technical system is proposed.


Mechanical structure, structural analysis, computer-aided design, hypergraph structural model, lattice product model